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Aloe Tattoo Film

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Product description

ALOE TATTOO® has created new TATTOOFILM gel, 100% natural ingredients made, that provides fast relief to your new tattooed client, reducing inflammation, avoiding bleeding and creating a natural barrier against clothing rubbing and infections.


How to use:

Wash new tattoo with water and green soap. Dry with paper towels without rubbing the skin. Apply a layer of TATTOOFILM on new tattoo and gently massage it in to cover the whole surface of it. Its thickness will depends on new tattooed skin looking. Wait 5-15 minutes to dry until the barrier film appears. Let the product act for the next 2-12 hours and start with the daily care. Film can be easily removed from skin with soap and water.


Keep the product in temepratues under 30º. Keep in the fridge whilst it is not being used in order to ensure and preserve its natural active ingredients.


Product Ingredients:

Aloe Vera, Chitosan, Bisabolol, Phragmites Comunis, Poria Cocos (Fu Ling fungus).



220 ml bottle with pump system


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