H2O Blue Green Foam Soap 50 ml

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Foam soap to wash the tattoo.
H2Ocean is approved by the FDA, and PTD!
Blue Green Foam Soap - is designed to clean and disinfect the new tattoo. It has strong antibacterial properties of very mild action. Sufficiently moisturizes the skin and prevents the formation of scabs.
Also recommended for use during tattooing - to retain the vivid colors and, thanks to the aloe vera reduces the redness! Recommended for people with sensitive skin.
- Antibacterial
- Reduces redness
- Reduces the risk of inflammation
- Odorless
- Vegan Friendly
Known, used and recommended by the best artists from around the world!
H2Ocean Pro Team Dmitriy Samohin, Bob Tyrrell, Randy Engelhard, Andy Engel, Domantas Parvainis, Jasmine Rodriguez, George Mavridas, Jose Lopez, Marshall Bennett, Stefano Alcantara Standards Will Rise ...
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