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One of the most important questions: Coil or Rotary?

Basically there are two differences. The personal technique and the noise. A coil machine relies on an electro magnetic current to drive the armature bar while the rotary uses a softer process and is much more quiet. There is a small motor encased in each rotary tattoo machine that moves the attached tattoo needles up and down in a smooth, almost cyclical pattern. The coil is perhaps the most common of the two and may artists still prefer coil machines, but the rotary machines become more and more interesting even for coil machine lovers. Choose the best tattoo machine for you and your work.

We are offering a wide range of high quality tattoo machines. In our assortiment you can find hand made coil machines, rotary machines, both liners, shaders and universal allaround machines. Check out and find what suits your needs.