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OPTIMA ™ Laser - One of the most advanced lasers on the market. The highest quality lamp produced in the UK guarantees the speed and accuracy of the treatment. Solid vertical construction ensures stability.

The lamp provides:

1. No scars and scabs, no signs or lesions of the skin

2. No harm to healthy tissue

3. Immediate effect - customer satisfaction guaranteed

4. Removing dark and colored tattoos - permanent makeup.

5. Closing small blood vessels.

6. Remove freckles and discoloration.

7. Scars and marks.

The great advantage of the device is it's power of (500W). The device has two filters of different lengths, so it is used in a large number of treatments.

Number of treatments depends on:

- tattoo color

- density of dye in skin cells

- type of dye

- density of pigment deposition

- skin color (the less tanned skin the safer and more effective treatment)

- Individual immune response to the laser

Technical parameters:

Laser Type: Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser
Head: 1064nm & 532nm
Pulse energy: 1000mj
Pulse Width: 6ns
Frequency: 1-6Hz
Voltage: 500-1000V
Spotted field: 1-7mm2 !!!
Laser pointer: Yes
Cooling: Water + windy
Tilt sensor: yes
Display: LCD 8.4 "- color
Control: touch


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