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Panthera CRISTAL

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Product omschrijving

Panthera Cristal is a special gel solution containing Hamamelis and Aloe Vera extract. The special consistent blend permits to disperse any tattoo pigment in homogeneous flow. And the semi-gel consistency blend permits to obtain a longer time for coloring and shading.

CRISTAL is a new revolutionary blend for enhancing any color filling or shading using any tattoo ink on the market today and in to the future.

The simple facts and benefits: The ink will not put out as fast and in doing so slows the process down of dispersing the ink. This creates a more uniform flow of ink (like a ball point pen) flowing down to the needles tip. This causes the ink to stay for a longer time in the machine tip, and permits for a longer working session without having to dip for more ink.

Cristal Solution contains special blends, Aloa, plus hamamelis to make it one of the best mixing solutions on the market. Using it gives to a strong antibactrial and astringent solution for tattooing.


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