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Bepanthen Tattoo Zalf 30g

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Product description

Protects and cares for dry, vulnerable skin by supplementing the natural skin fats, Bepanthen Protective Ointment is like a protective layer on the skin. This protective layer does not seal the skin, but allows it to breathe. Bepanthen Protective Ointment also contains dexpanthenol (5%). This substance has the property to support the natural recovery process of the skin.

The benefits of Bepanthen Protective Ointment:

  • Protects and cares
  • Regular use provides a protective layer on the skin
  • Without perfume, colorants, preservatives and parabens

Recommended by tattoo artists:

2-3 times a day a (very) thin layer of Bepanthen Ointment on the set tattoos for responsible aftercare and an optimal result.


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