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FK Irons

DarkLab Gorilla Click Ergo Grip - Bestial Black

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Product description

The DarkLab Gorilla Click Ergo Grip from FK Irons is designed with ergonomics in mind to fit naturally in the hand. The large size makes many grip wraps superfluous. The Gorilla Click Ergo Grip's have tapers from 32 to 38 mm, with which optimal comfort can be achieved and fatigue from holding the grip during long tattooing sessions can be removed. The multiple grooves in the grip allow your fingers to rest in the right place without exerting too much pressure, making the Gorilla Grip ideal for lining and color packing. The extra weight aids in needle penetration if you are using large dieters or magnums.

The Ratchet Disc click system lets you set the needle depth by turning the grip. Once the needle depth is set, it will stay in place so that it cannot move, even with heavier tattoo machines. The 3 mm center bore is suitable with all built-in drive rod machines.

Main features:

  • Color: Gunmetal
  • Adjustable Needle Depth
  • Diameter: 32 - 38 mm
  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for the autoclave and Cold sterilization
  • Made in the USA by FK Irons


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