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Glovcon Pen Pills Thick

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Product description

GLOVCON Pill-Pen is a machine designed specifically for permanent makeup. This solution allows you to match the machine to your own needs depending on whether you prefer to work with machines, which are close to the size of a grip tattoo machines, or whether you prefer smaller grips known from the machines dedicated to permanent makeup.

The machine in both variants has the same reliable 5W motor. Such power allows you to perform all kinds of permanent makeup, and thanks to the fact that the power is always just as available, regardless of the duration of the session you will always get the perfect result of your work.

The machine was created for people who use cartridges for tattooing while making permanent makeup. The machine works with the majority of cartridges available on the market, but to achieve the best results, we recommend the KWADRON cartridge, which are several dozen sizes and types, so you'll surely find the configuration that suits your needs.


THICK: length 120mm, grip width 27mm
- power: 5W
- RCA connector
- the ability to work with standard power supplies
- solid and lightweight construction
- no vibration
- failure-free system


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