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Nitrile gloves - black

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Please be aware that we sell gloves only to registered tattoo artists and tattoo shops. If you won't be verified as one - we will canceled your order and refund the purchase

Any professional or amateur tattoo artist should understands the importance of having the correct hygiene supplies and accessories. Knowing how important is safe, sterile tattooing we provide to you big selection of tattoo hygiene equipment available. 

Because so many people suffer from latex allergies, nitrile is favored since it is made of synthetic rubber. Nitrile gloves are more difficult to perforate than gloves made from natural latex. Unlike some latex alternatives, nitrile does not diminish tactile sensations or restrict your range of motion.

Further advantages of the disposable SAFE LIGHT:

  • powder-free, no risk of contamination of samples / food with starch powder
  • very soft and comfortable to wear
  • extremely elastic and tight to the tear line
  • excellent wearing sensation
  • excellent wet grip thanks to structured fingertips
  • comfortable, fits the hand like a second skin
  • very comfortable to wear
  • optimal heat dissipation, no heat accumulation
  • pleasant even on prolonged wear
  • resistant to oil and grease

Our gloves are certified for: 

EN420 / EN455 1+2+3 / EN374 / CE / Kat.III / AQL 1,5  




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