Best Tattoo Cartridge Needles according to artists in 2023.

Kwadron cartridges, Magic Moon Cartridges, Da Vinci V2 Cartridges, Cheyenne needle modules & Vertix - all leading tattoo cartridge brands in one place!

Since traditional needles will always have a place in the industry, the new cartridge needles are bringing the assurance of hygiene, precision, and efficiency. Tattoo cartridge needles keep germs, bodily fluids, and tattoo ink securely contained within the cartridge itself due the safety membrane.

Are you looking for cartridge needles for fine-line tattoos? Make sure to check these Kwadrons
and for even thinner options we have you covered with Vertix, Da Vinci V2, or Optima. Blackout is your thing? you will surely like these.