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ECO Stencils Printer Ink | 120ml

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Product description

ECO Stencils Printer Ink 120ml


  1. Get the Ink
  2. Get an NEW Epson Eco Tank Printer.  Recommended the Epson ET-2650,.. (there are a few models to choose from)
  3. Fill the tanks and start printing highly detailed stencils!

Attention: This ink is compatible with any Epson Eco Tank printer.  Recommended the Epson:ET-2750, ET-2700, ET-3700, ET-3750, ET-4750,ET-7700, ET-7750.

Content: The quantity of stencils is depending on size and details of your prints, but you should expect to get around 3,000 stencils per 4 ounce bottle.

Paper: Any paper would technically work, but it is important to note that regular cotton papers/printer papers, will absorb more ink and transfer a lighter design to the skin. Click here to see the paper, we recommend! 


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