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Glovcon V2 Inox Lady Pen + Nemesis Silver SET

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Product description

INOX LADY PEN Makeup machine V2 machine created especially for linergists who care about comfort and precision of work.

INOX LADY PEN Makeup machine V2 is the second edition of the machine for making permanent make-up from the attitudes created by GLOVCON. Taking into account the number of changes and new solutions used in V2, it can be said that it is practically a completely new machine, not just a newer version.

It happened thanks to our customers - users of the first version of INOX LADY, who told us about their needs and now in the V2 version they get exactly what they expected. The completely new look and design conceals an improved 4-watt motor that provides even longer life and a stable and always ready-to-use power. Thanks to the use of a standard RCA socket for connecting the machine, it can now be connected to any permanent makeup power supply or to a tattoo machine.

The cardridgy holder has been adapted for cooperation with the majority of cartridges available on the market such as KWADRON, KWADRON® PMU OPTIMA, INOX PRIME, Cheyenne etc.

If you like the first version of INOX LADY, then V2 will fall in love!

  • very sharp needle gives excellent precision of work, prevents skin damage thanks to which we get a better effect during work and after healing
  • textured walls inside the beak - the cartridge perfectly sucks and gives pigment which affects even work.
  • spout designed individually for each needle size which allows them to fit perfectly so that we get stable, even, precise work.
  • The housing is made of hard medical plastic that does not rub during needle movement, so it does not get under the skin, which in turn eliminates the possibility of inflammation.

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