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Panthera Black Gold - 150ml

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Product description

 Panthera Black Gold SDS can be download here.

The novelty in the panthera house is called Black Gold.

a new latest generation black, which exploits the research done in recent months and which combines the tradition of our products with innovation in materials.

We have thought of a black that adapts to all styles, both for lines and for fills, so with a single product you can use it in various styles.


We have eliminated isopropyl alcohol and made it compliant with the new REACH regulation, thanks to our technicians we have created the first black in the world WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES.


In this way we have obtained a less irritating product for the skin, with a marked reduction of redness, less burning sensation for the client, and halved healing times.


All this makes BLACK GOLD unique, respecting the regulations, respecting the environment, and respecting the health of our customers.

You will have at your disposal:


• REACH compliant black

• Sterilized by irradiation

• Without carcinogenic substances

• Vegan friendly

• Not tested on animals

• Microbiological analyzes available for each single lot