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Thermal Copier Stencil Printer MT200 - 50*30*29cm

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Product description

▶No ink and no replacement parts needed. Suitable for Tattoo Stencil Paper ,
which provides fast printing speed, little noisy sound.
Compatible Transfer Ppaer Size:A5~A4 (210mm*297mm Minimum 150mm*80mm)

▶Copy the design onto the transfer papers easily and quickly.

▶Scanning Mode: CIS(Contact Image Sensor).

▶This Tattoo Thermal Copier weighs only 1.2 kg/2.64 lb,
It is light and small so it is convenient to carry.
Compact enough to fit almost anywhere.
You can make the tattoo creation anytime anywhere as you like.

▶The transfer effect of the copier is very good, all patterns look clear
and smooth, and even complex pattern details such as shadows can be
displayed, enjoying the highest quality artistic experience.


Weight: 1.2KG
Dimension: 293mm(W)*171.5mm(D)*72mm(H)