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Thermal Image A4 Stencil Printer | NEW MODEL

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Product description

Thermal Image A4 Stencil Printer

This is the newer version of the A4 Thermo Copier. The important changes are inside, all electric and electronic installations have been completely renewed!
Major differences:
  • 2 LEDs, green & red, indicating the status of the device
  • 2 relays instead of 1, controlling each other
  • an additional temp.-sensor regulates both lamp and cooling down process
The new version of software/electronics permanently checks the status of the machine and reports it by the 2 LEDs.


  • Easy-to-read control system lets you dial the correct setting for the sharpest possible imaging of paper stencils
  • Easy to clean basic (flip-top cover)
  • Periodic cleaning of the roller assembly is necessary for best performance.
  • Overheat thermostat de-energises lamps circuit if machine overheats. 
  • Post cool thermostat automatically keeps fan energized until machine has cooled to a safe temperature after use.
    ready to use and make paper stencils from your drawings.
  • With manufacturer warranty
  • CE-certificate
  • made in Germany
  • 220 Volts
  • for A4


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